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We’ve had a passion for creating quality helicopter covers since 1994 and our ongoing commitment is to design and manufacture custom, creative and high quality products for the aviation industry.

The declaration of COVID-19 as a worldwide health pandemic is having an impact on our lives, business operations and the way we interact with one another. With this in mind, we at Helicovers Canada continue to monitor and assess the updates provided by the Government of Canada and the World Health Organization. This information guides our approach and helps ensure we take the steps that best protect our clients and staff, reduce risk and ensure we continue serving your needs.

Our staff are informed and taking precautions to protect themselves and the clients we serve. Increased cleaning and disinfecting practices in our manufacturing areas will help reduce risk.

The health and well-being of our team members is a huge priority and we have been and will continue to provide ongoing guidance and information on how they can best keep themselves and their families healthy.

We have a plan in place, and we are constantly monitoring the latest updates on what is no doubt a very dynamic and fluid situation. We’ll continue to stay vigilant and update our plan and procedures as necessary.

Be kind to one another, look out for your families and your neighbours, and reach for help if you need it.

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I am forever humbled to have met so many wonderful friends through business and become one of the lucky ones to have joined into the aviation industry. Thank you my friends, it is an exciting journey... "when people do business with people"