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Bell 205

Extreme Weather Blade Covers


Non stick in moist wet/ freezing conditions.

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B205257 Tail Rotor Cover


Quilted material


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B205265 Stabilizer Wing Hail Covers


Stabilizer wing hail covers with webbing strap and clips to attach to each other.

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B205255 Tail Rotor Hail Cover


Made with a 100% polyester double coated acrylic formula

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B205258 Tail Rotor Cover


Non-quilted material

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B205266 Hail Protection Stabilizer Cover


One-piece unit where both wings are attached with a cover that goes over the tail boom as well as fastens under the tail boom.

 This stabilizer cover is an asset for all season conditions. The design has dense marine foam to protect the blades in summer and is water proof for extreme winter conditions.

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B205256 2 Piece Tail Rotor Hail Cover


 These will cover each blade separately and have hail protection padding.

 These covers are joined together with connecting clips.

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B205260 M/R Hail Blade Covers


High density Marine foam that provides superior protection, and can be the best all weather blade covers as they protect through the hail season and will not stick in the most harsh conditions of winter. Blades are easy to install as the foam is ridged enough to push up blade, yet the cover rolls up to a size that is easy to store. Blade covers come in their own duffel bag.

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