Airbus EC120

EC120 Winter Cover Kit

Item EC120100


Kit includes: Engine Cover, Head Cover, MR Blade covers, and labeled Duffle Bag

EC120 Fenestron Cover

Item EC120215



EC120 Fenestron Cover (insulated)

Item EC120216


With insulated quilting.

EC120 Fenestron Cover with Extreme Hail Protection

Item EC120217


EC120 Stabilizer Cover

Item EC120322


This is a one piece unit with under boom securement.

EC120 Stabilizer Cover with Extreme Hail Protection

Item EC120324


One piece unit with dense protective Landue. Under boom securement. No snow or water can get to blades.

EC120 Sock Tie Downs

Item EC120332

Starting at $250

Set of 3

With reflective trim and tail: $280

EC120 Tie Downs

Item EC120334

$215 set

Set of 3.

With CAUTION warning print and rope.

EC120 Tie Downs (No Print)

Item EC120335

$158 set

Set of 3.

With no print or rope.

EC120 MR Blade Covers

Item EC120301

$585 set

Our preferred marine fabric.

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