Robinson R22

R22 Winter Kit

Item R22100


Kit includes: Engine cover, Mast, MR Blade Covers, Insulated Tail Rotor Cover and Labeled Duffle bag

R22 Quick Cover

Item R22110


Great warmth for 4-6 hour lay overs.

R22 Vertical/Horizontal Stabilizer Cover

Item R22112


This is a one piece unit made of high quality materials

R22 Tail Boom

Item R22114


R22 Tail Boom Cover with Hail Protection

Item R22115


R22 Tail Rotor Cover

Item R22118

Starting at $100

Quilted price of $165

Non-Quilted $135

Tarpaulin $100

R22 Blade Covers

Item R22301


Our Preferred Marine Fabric.

R22 Extreme Weather Blade Covers

Item R22300


Non stick in moist wet/ freezing conditions.

Made with a 100% polyester, double coated acrylic formula.

R22 MR Blade Covers with Built-In Tie Downs

Item R22302


R22 MR Blade covers - Tarpaulin

Item R22303


Tarpaulin material black and silver.

Set of 2

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