AStar B3

AStar B3 Winter Cover Kit

Item AS3100


Kit includes: Engine cover, Head cover, MR Blades, Tail Rotor and Labeled Duffle bag

AStar B3 Top Bubble Cover

Item AS3201


AStar B3 Full Bubble Cover

Item AS3203


Covers full front and all glass.

No picture available yet. Top Cover shown.

Add Squirrel Cheeks to your cover

AS3E205 - Eurocopter AS3D205 - Dart

$325 per cheek

​Note: Please specify which type of cheek desired. (Eurocopter or Dart)

AStar B3 Blade Covers

Item AS3301

$685 set

Odyssey Marine Fabric

AStar B3 Extreme Weather Blade Covers

Item AS3300


Non stick in moist wet/ freezing conditions.

Made with a 100% polyester, double coated acrylic formula.

AStar B3 Blade Covers with Built-In Tie Downs

Item AS3302

$805 set

AStar B3 MR Blade covers - Tarpaulin

Item AS3303


Tarpaulin material Black and silver.  

AStar B3 Hail Blade Covers

Item AS3310

$1,042 set

AStar B3 Hail Blade Covers with Built-in Tie-downs

Item AS3311

$1,162 set

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