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Sheila Manweiler, owner

Welcome to Helicovers!


My passion for creating helicopter covers began in 1994 with the guidance and mentorship of Mr. Eric Gould, the Alberta dealer for Robinson Helicopters since 1986. Through Eric’s insight into the importance of protecting and insulating these valuable investments, I created my first R44 Helicovers winter kit. Twenty years later I still appreciate the time he took to educate me on helicopters and it is with gratitude that I have gone on to earn the trust of countless companies who allow me to pattern upon their machines.


Fast forward to 2017… Helicovers has re-branded with a new website and logo that proudly displays the numerous products that pilots are proud to own. Additionally, those same owners can be confident that their investment is protected with high quality, long lasting covers. Helicovers continues to design, create and work with companies who seek these specialized products and services. If you have an idea for a new product, please call us and we can design it together!!!


Thank you to all my wonderful friends for making this business an exciting and evolving journey. I am forever humbled to have made lifelong friends in the aviation industry. I truly appreciate your business and commitment to us. I look forward to many years of working together in one of the most exciting industries there is!




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